2020 Texas Voting Information

Important Dates

October 5th

Last Day to Register to Vote

October 19th

First Day of Early Voting by Personal Appearance (through October 30th)

October 23rd

Last Day to Apply For Ballot by Mail

November 3rd

Election Day

Important Links

Not sure if you’re registered to vote?
Check your voter registration status HERE

If you have not registered to vote you can do so online HERE
**Upon filling out you must print it, sign it, and mail it to the voter registrar in your county of residence

Need personalized voting information?

**See whats on your local ballot, candidates views on voting topics and more HERE

You can also get an in person application at:

Collin County
Elections Administrator
2010 Redbud Blvd., Suite 102 McKinney 75069
(972) 547-1990 Phone

Dallas County
Elections Administrator
1520 Round Table Drive Dallas 75247
(469) 627-8683 Phone

Denton County
Denton County Elections Administration
701 Kimberly Drive, Suite A101
Denton, TX 76208
(940) 349-3200

Early Voting Locations:

Collin County

Dallas County

Denton County

Election Day Voting Centers:

Collin County

Dallas County

Denton County

Frequently Asked Questions:



Important Issues

Racism and oppression can be dismantled by two distinct ways.

1) Changing the condition of hearts to judge a person based on their character and not the color of their skin.

2) Changing laws that are designed to keep people oppressed in a system of injustice and with lack of opportunity.

While we are committed to attacking both, we are firmly committed to making sure that our voices are heard at the voting booths.  Below you will find information that will not only help you make sure you are registered to vote and where to exercise your right to, you will also find a list of local, state and national candidates and ways to contact them.

While we realize there are a myriad of issues that are important to our nation, right now we are primarily focused on the rights and privileges of minorities and police reform in black and brown communities.

We encourage you to ask each candidate to list out for you, “What is your platform for black and brown people in the United States?” and “What is your platform for police reform in the United States?”

    Democratic Candidates

    PresidentJoe Bidenhttps://joebiden.com/
    Vice PresidentKamala Harrishttps://joebiden.com/
    US SenatorMary M.J. Hegarhttps://mjfortexas.com/meet-mj/
    US Congress D3Lulu Seikalyhttps://lulufortexas.com/
    US Congress D4Russell Fosterhttps://foster4texas.com/
    US Congress D32Colin Allredhttps://www.colinallred.com/
    Texas Railroad CommChrysta Castenedahttps://www.chrystafortexas.com/meet/
    Texas Supreme Court JusticeAmy Meachumhttps://www.amymeachum.com/
    TX Supreme Court Pl. 6Kathy Chenghttp://chengforjustice.com/
    TX Supreme Court Pl. 7Staci Williamshttps://judgestaci.com/meet-judge-staci-williams/
    TX Supreme Court Pl. 8Gisela Trianahttps://www.judgetriana.com/
    Appeals Court Pl 3Elizabeth Frizellhttp://frizell4judge.com/wp/
    Appeals Court Pl. 4Tina Clintonhttps://www.facebook.com/JudgeTinaClinton/ton/
    Appeals Court Pl. 9Brandon Birminghamhttps://www.judgebirmingham.com/
    TX Rep. D33Andy Rosehttp://andyrose2020.com/home/
    TX Rep. D66Amy Garzahttps://aimeegarzalopez.com/
    TX Rep. D67Lorenzo Sanchezhttps://lorenzofortexas.com/
    TX Rep. D70Angela Badohttps://badofortexas.com/
    TX Rep. D89Sugar Ray Ashhttps://www.sugarray89.com/
    TX 5th Appeals Ct Pl. 3Bonnie Lee Goldsteinhttps://judgegoldstein.com/
    TX 5th Appeals Ct Pl 6Craig Smithhttps://judgecraigsmith.com/
    TX 5th Appeals Ct. Pl. 8Dennise Garciahttp://reelectjudgegarcia.blogspot.com/p/about-judge-garcia.html
    366th Dist. CourtSam Johnsonhttps://www.samforjudge.com/
    380th Dist. Ct Dist. CtPenny Robewww.pennyrobeforjudge.com
    401st Dist. Ct.Tonya Holthttps://www.facebook.com/pg/TonyaJHoltforJudge/about/
    416th Dist. CourtTheresa Greevyhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/TheresaBuiCreevyforJudge
    468th Dist. CourtChristy Albanohttps://www.facebook.com/ChristyAlbanoforJudge/
    469th Dist. courtDana Huffmanhttps://www.huffman.law/meet-dana-huffman
    471st Dist. CourtMichael Paymahttps://paymaforjudge.com/
    Tax AssessorJohn Turner-McClellandhttps://www.john.vote/
    County Comm. PCT 1Courtney Brookshttps://courtneybrooks.com/
    County Comm. PCT 3Dianne Mayohttps://dianneforcollincounty.com/

    Republican Candidates

    PresidentDonald Trumphttps://www.donaldjtrump.com
    Vice PresidentMike Pencehttps://www.donaldjtrump.com/
    US SenatorJohn Cornynhttps://www.johncornyn.com/meet-john/
    US Congress D3Van Taylorhttps://www.vantaylor.com/
    US Congress D32Genevieve Collinshttps://www.gcforcongress.com/
    Texas Railroad CommJames Wrighthttps://wrightfortexas.com/
    Texas Supreme Court JusticeNathan Hechthttps://justicenathanhecht.com/
    TX Supreme Court Pl. 6Jane Blandhttps://www.justicejanebland.com/
    TX Supreme Court Pl. 7 Jeff Boydhttp://justicejeffboyd.org/
    TX Supreme Court Pl. 8Brett Busbyhttps://www.brettbusby.com/
    Appeals Court Pl 3Bert Richardsonhttp://www.electjudgerichardson.com/
    Appeals Court Pl. 4Kevin Yearyhttps://www.judgeyeary.com/
    Appeals Court Pl. 9David Newell http://www.keepjudgenewell.com/
    TX Rep. D33Justin Holland https://www.justinholland.org/
    TX Rep. D66Matt Shaheen http://mattshaheen.com/
    TX Rep. D67Jeff Leachhttps://jeffleach.com
    TX Rep. D70Scott Sanfordhttps://scottsanford.us/
    TX Rep.D89Candy Noblehttps://votecandynoble.com
    TX 5th Appeals Ct Pl.3David Evanshttp://justicedavidevans.com/
    TX 5th Appeals Ct Pl.6David Bridgeshttp://electbridges.com/
    TX 5th Appeals Ct Pl. 8Bill Whitehillhttps://whitehillforjustice.org
    199th Dist. CourtAngela Tuckerhttps://ballotpedia.org/Angela_Tucker
    366th Dist. CourtTom Nowakhttps://www.votingfortom.com/
    380th Dist. Ct. Dist. Ct.Ben Smithhttps://www.keepjudgesmith.com/
    401st Dist. CtGeorge Flinthttps://george4judge.com/
    416th dist. CourtAndrea Thompsonhttps://andrea4texas.com/
    468th Dist. CourtLindsey Wynnehttps://judgelindseywynne.com/
    469th Dist. CourtPiper McGrawhttps://www.pipermccraw.com/
    470th Dist. CourtEmily Miskelhttps://www.judgeemily.com/
    471st Dist. CourtAndrea Bouressahttp://www.keepjudgebouressa.com/
    County SheriffJim Skinnerhttps://skinnerforsheriff.com/
    Tax AssessorKen Maunhttps://ballotpedia.org/Kenneth_Maun
    County Comm. PCT. 1Susan Fletcherhttp://www.votesusanfletcher.com/
    County Comm. PCT. 3Darrell Halehttps://www.darrellhale.org/
    Constable PCT. 1Mike Vancehttps://www.mikevanceforconstable.com/
    Constable PCT. 2Gary Edwardshttps://ballotpedia.org/Gary_Edwards
    Constable PCT. 3Sammy Knapphttps://www.facebook.com/SammyKnappforConstable/
    Constable PCT. 4Joe Wrighthttp://www.wrightforconstable.com/

    Libertarian Candidates

    PresidentJoe Jorgensenhttps://jo20.com/
    US Congress D3Chris Claytorhttps://ballotpedia.org/Christopher_Claytor

    Green Candidates

    US SenatorDave Collinshttps://joecollinsforcongress.com/
    Texas Supreme Court JusticeCharles Waterburyhttps://ballotpedia.org/Charles_Waterbury