North Dallas Wins

North Dallas Wins because of YOU!

Let’s win together

We believe that the purpose of the local church is to not only meet the needs of those who attend it every week but to make a difference in its surrounding communities. We’re committed to investing in and providing support to the surrounding cities of North Dallas (communities located North of the Dallas Metroplex), showing the people who live here that our church wants to see them succeed and win in their life, career, and spiritual journey.

We know you are planted here in this area for a purpose and want to help you ensure that your community, tribe and neighborhood win!

ways to help north dallas win!


Wear It | Share It | Post It | Live It

We have some great gear to help you share with your community that you want to help it win. Stop by our bookstore and pick up a shirt. When someone asks you what North Dallas Wins means tell them “Our church really cares about making sure our communities succeed. When North Dallas Wins…we all WIN”

See someone in action making North Dallas Win? Why don’t you take a pic of or with them and post it on social media? Be sure to use the hashtag #NorthDallasWins. When we hear good news, we’ll share it with you here.  Click the button below to see how people are having a positive impact on our community.

Videos from Past Events

North Dallas wins stories

Anthony Brewer, Making a Difference

Anthony Brewer and his family have been members of our church since 2015. Recently Anthony shared his story of how he felt led to improve the garden area of Rattan Elementary School in Anna. For weeks he diligently worked on clearing out weeds, spreading new topsoil and making a new area to teach kids about how to plant, water and grow seeds into plants. He’s another reason that #NorthDallasWins. 

If you’ve got a story of someone in your community that’s helping North Dallas Win we’d love to hear it. Email us at shareyourstory@tphnd.org