Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here and well, it’s a little different this year. But just because things are different doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our Super Moms this year. To help get your creative juices flowing we’re listing some ideas below. Whatever you do to celebrate Mom we know she’ll love it!

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10 Things To Do for Mother’s Day

Plan a movie night.

(Mom’s favorite movie or type of movie she likes)

Agree with siblings not to argue or fight.

Offer to (or just) clean.

Wash dishes, sweep, clean counter tops, tables, take out trash (ask permission before you go outdoors). 

Send a letter to heaven.

To honor a mom/grandma who is no longer living, write a letter telling them how important or how loved they were.

Make a DIY Mother’s Day card.

Prepare a snack or help prepare a meal.

(with permission)

Create a presentation

(PowerPoint, poem or speech). 

Give mom a foot massage

Let mom sleep in.

Help yourself and siblings in the morning.

Write mom an email.

Ask someone else for your mother’s email, so it may come as a surprise.

Always Remember 

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