Our Goal

When we moved into our current facility over 2 years ago, we were so grateful to have a place to call home.  There were so many wonderful things that God blessed us with that we are still benefiting from as a result of our permanent location.

We’ve also had challenges and growing pains that all ministries experience.  The biggest of those challenges has been PARKING!  We’ve experimented with everything – gravel, rocks, remote parking, shuttles, buses, and golf carts – to accommodate our members and visitors, but the fact remains, we did not have an adequate parking lot.

Now as owners of the property, we are excited to take on our first expansion project in our Make Room for More: Paving the Way campaign, creating a parking lot directly adjacent to the church.  Your generosity doesn’t just pay for concrete and steel it more importantly helps us pave the way for lost, hurting and broken people to find hope through Jesus at our local church.

Thank you for standing with us, praying with us and paving the way for others!

Paving the way for Salvation, Family, Community, & Hope

Our Journey

To fully appreciate where we are you have to see where God has brought us over the years. We’re pleased to share with you…Our Story.

Our Story – Part 1 (Allen Event Center)

Our Story – Part 2 (South Fork Ranch)

Our Story – Part 3 (Dr. Pepper Arena)

Our Story – Part 4 (A Place Called Home)