How to Get the Most Out of Church Online

Mar 24, 2020

Technology allows us to connect virtually anywhere. Just like your in-person experience, you can enjoy the full Sunday experience — worship, sermon, salvation invitation and offering —  online at 9:00 and 11:30 am on our website at TPHND App, or on our Facebook page using your smartphone or other electronic devices.

In the weeks ahead, if we’re still meeting online, it’ll become easier and easier to disengage and disconnect from your church family. We encourage you to stay engaged, be present, and participate online

Watch “Together”

Make plans to watch the same service “together” online and interact with each other via group text or on social media. On our website we have separate streaming services geared towards adults, students, and children.

Actively Participate

Don’t just be a spectator! During worship, stand and sing along with us. When we pray, pray along with us.

Share Your Experience

Share your comments in real-time in the “eChat” section. This is a great space for prayer request or to share how you are being blessed. We would love to hear from you and to pray for you. If you’re watching on Facebook LIVE Like, Comment and Share.

Continue to Be Generous

We show a continued trust in God by giving what belongs to Him – the tithe. Let’s not allow this season of distress cause us to deviate from what we’ve been called to do. Continue to trust God and put Him first in all things.

Ways to give online, here.

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