We are all spiritual beings living in a physical body and we have a soul which encompasses our mind, will, and emotions. At the core of our being, they shape our views, the choices we make, and actions we take. We spend time, energy, and money on our physical needs, but often neglect the care of our soul and our spiritual needs. One remedy is to pause for moments of self-reflection.

With life’s pace, it’s often challenging to stop and reflect. You can; however, pause for a moment – to reflect. Pressing the “pause button” requires taking steps to break away from distractions and the busyness of everyday life. Pausing for a moment to reflect on God’s promises, His goodness and faithfulness nourishes your mind, your spirit, and your faith.

To care for your soul and spiritual needs, give yourself permission to find a quiet place where you can be alone, sit quietly, pause, and reflect.


* Where are you in your life?

* What are your priorities? Do your daily activities reflect your priorities? What can you do to bring your activities in alignment with your priorities?

* What areas of your life need your undivided attention?