“. . . the glory of children is their fathers” (Psalm 17:6 AMPC)

We celebrate the fathers and the father-figures in our lives this Father’s Day. Whether you experienced the love of a great father or your father was absent, you have a Heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally. He provides, protects, and He loves to spend time with His children. Because of who He is – His character – He is trustworthy.

I am reminded of a story that I read about a little boy who was a passenger on an airplane. The plane was flying through a storm and the passengers were uneasy because of the turbulence. Some of the passengers were beginning to panic. Surprisingly, the little boy didn’t appear shaken or moved by the turbulence. One of the passengers sitting next to the little boy asked him, “How can you be so calm in the middle of all of this?” The boy replied, “my father is the pilot.”

When you know who is in control, you have peace even in the middle of life’s storms. God is in control and our Heavenly Father is trustworthy.